Saturday, 12 December 2009

If music be the food of love, put that piano in batter #2

Well well well....its been a while. Sorry, life gets in the way too often. Did you miss me? Thought not. Bastards.

So, what I'm doing here THIS time, rather than banging on about some new release thats floating my boat right now, is banging on about a more obscure release that may have slipped under most peoples radar but that I think NEEDS to be heard, AAAAAAND I'll upload 'em and put a link in for you good people too, so you can check 'em out for yourselves*
Y'know, what with my being an arbiter of taste and all. Heh.

First up, and (tentacles crossed) there will be more up VERY soon, is the CRIMINALLY overlooked Edgar Allan Poe double-CD tribute 'Closed On Account Of Rabies' - so named due to the theory that rather than dying of alcoholism, Poe died of rabies - which was released back in 1997 by Mercury Records to pretty much NO fanfare. It features quite the motley crew and was put together by Hal Willner, who also put together FANTASTIC Disney, Weill and Mingus tribute records.

Among the contributors are Christopher Walken (reading 'The Raven' and backed by the guitar feedback of the MC5's Wayne Kramer), Iggy Pop (reading 'The Tell-Tale Heart), Jeff Buckley (reading 'Ulalume'), Diamanda Galas (reading, of course, 'The Black Cat'), Gabriel Byrne (reading 'The Masque Of The Red Death'), Marriane Faithful, Debbie Harry and a slew of other notables. Frankly, its worth it for Walken ALONE.

You can download disc 1 here, and disc 2 here

*Incidentally, it goes without saying that I am not actively encouraging folk to download music and not buy it, I only put these links up for download so that people can HEAR the music and then if they like it, go out and BUY it - if they can find it!

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