Thursday, 16 September 2010

I will NOT apologise for saying your band is lousy.

One of my other gigs is as a reviewer and occasional interviewer over at The Sleeping Shaman, 'The Heavier Than Thou Webzine'. It's a wonderful site and a great resource for bands, run by the dynamic and awesome Shaman Lee - who is ALSO a fantastic photographer to boot! In the interests of cross-pollination and self-promotion, I have included links below so you can read my reviews. They're in alphabetical order, as you would expect from a comic nerd, and are up to date as of.....riiiiiiiight.......NOW.

Aquilonian & Sollubi Split CD
Bastard Of The Skies 'Ichor! Ichor!' CD (LOVE this CD)
Black Breath 'Heavy Breathing'CD/LP
Black Sun 'Twilight Of The Gods' CD (The LATEST!)
Blackwolfgoat 'Dragonwizardsleeve' CD
Bone Parade 'Vollmondlieder' CD EP
Celeste 'Morte(s) Nee(s)' CD/LP
Drainland 'And So our Troubles Began' 12"
Dusted Angel 'Earth Sick Mind' CD
Fistula 'We, The Beast' CD
Green Sky 'Remote World' EP
High On Fire 'Snakes For The Divine' CD/LP
Highgate 'Shrines to the Warhead' CD
Hull 'Sole Lord' CD
Into The Storm 'Amidst A Sea of Chaos' CD
Iroha & Fragment 'Bittersweet' Split CD
Jucifer & Show Of Bedlam Split CD
Karma To Burn 'Appalachian Incantation' CD/LP
Kerretta 'Vilayer' CD/LP
Kings Destroy 7" EP
Kodiak & Nadja Split CD/LP
Kuwahara 'Honeycult' CD
Locrian 'Territories' LP
Lords Of Bukkake 'Desorden Y Rencor' CD
Madder Mortem 'Where Dream & Day Collide' CD EP
Obliteration 'Nekropsalms' CD
Omega Massif 'Geisterstadt' CD/LP
Ommadon 'Part 1' CDr
Poison Dwarf 'Shit On A Stick' Demo CDr
Shroud Eater Demo EP
Snowblood S/T CD
Stonebride 'Summon The Waves' CD
Suma 'Ashes' CD
Switchblade S/T CD/LP
The Dead 'Ritual Executions' CD
Traktor 'Lights' CD/LP
Twilight 'Monument To Time End' CD/LP
US Christmas 'Run Thick in The Night' CD
Widows 'Raise The Monolith' CD EP

I shall endeavour to post further reviews as and when i can be bothered, quite frankly. So go read. Shoo.

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