Thursday, 24 September 2009

What have I done??


Deep breath.

Focus. 'kay, I've been thinking about doing this for a while, and ,y'know, I thought it may help. My name is Paul, I'm 36 and I'm a fucking nightmare and a liability.

I have....uh.....issues with just about everything.

I don't mean in an 'Adrian Monk' kinda way, more like in a 'Carl Panzram' way.

Ha. I laugh that I may not cry.

I intend to use this here 'blog' thing to air some of my thoughts and feelings, and share my enthusiasms, passions and virulent hatreds with non-existent non-friends out there in interwebworld, safe in the knowledge that no-one gives a rats ass about me or my petulant mewling and raving and obssessing over bands/books/comics/foodstuffs/magick/movies/outsider philosophy and whatever else is floating my sinking ship at any given point.

So there you go. Take me or leave me. But remember, I am always right here. Because I say so.

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