Saturday, 4 September 2010

.....and so MODEST, with it!

A small update-ette here. I am now a regular contributor and honorary bro over at Illogical Contraption - my favourite blog. This, of course, is a great honour for me, and also for them. It is always refreshing to know that awesomeosity has been duly recognised and rewarded, especially when it is MY awesomeosity. After a couple of introductory posts, my first significant post went up there today, and you can read it here. Whilst I am blowing my own trumpet, I'd just like to say that I have finally cracked the problem of uploading files to mediafire AND putting hyperlinks up here, so i have taken the opportunity of re-upping the 'Closed On Account Of Rabies' Poe tribute, originally posted here, so you can now download the whole of each disc in one fell swoop. God I'm good to you.

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