Saturday, 12 March 2011

Okay, if I apologise to your lousy band, can I have some free stuff?

Hell's Donkeys, I've really let things slip. It's been a while since I posted here OR over at Illcon, but, well, I've been busy having a thing called a 'life'. Yeah, you may have heard of 'em.

Aaaanyhoo, nuthin' special here, just wanted to update the list of reviews that I've done over at The Sleeping Shaman. I'm sure no-one cares but me, but it helps me keep track of what I've been doing. There are some li'l gems in here - Ultraphallus, locrian, Rat King and Drug Honkey all spring to mind - and a coupla real stinkers. Btw, sorry to report, but I think the new Earth album is one of 'em. Boooooooorrrrrrrring, one-dimensional and stagnant. Yeah, I'm controversial.

So, let's get crackin' the order in which they were published....

Throne Of The Void In The Hundred Petal Lotus - Demo 2010
Del Rey 'Immemorial' CD/LP
High Watt Electrocutions 'The Bermuda Triangle' CD
Locrian 'The Crystal World' CD/LP
Earth 'A Bureaucratic Desire For Extra-Capsular Extraction' CD
Danishmendt 'Un Passé Aride' CD
Hull 'Viking Funeral' EP
The Construct 'Titan' CDEP
Double Space - ST 12"
Rat King 'Larva' CD
Poison Deluxe 'The Dead Tree Blues' CD
Drug Honkey 'Death Dub' CD
Earth 'Angels Of Darkness, Demons Of Light 1' CD/LP
Tree Of Sores - S/T CDEP
o.68 'Elend' CD
Ultraphallus 'Sowberry Hagan' CD

NOW THEN, I've ALSO done an interview with Drug Honkey (and Morgue Supplier) mainman Paul Gillis, which can be read here, and a live review for Scott Kelly, Steve Brodsky, Bob Wayne and Juffage at Jospeh's Well in Leeds back in december, which can be read here.

In the interests of self-promotion, I'm also linking to the first live review I ever attempted - for Ulver in London back in october 2009 - here,
and finally, you can read some more of my reviews in Bad Acid Magazine if you buy it, and check out a few online at their podcast/thing here. Also on there is my interview with the fantastic Justin Wright of the equally fantastic Expo '70, mainman of the truly cosmic (or should that be kosmiche?) Sonic Meditations label and all around good egg. Read it here!

So, that's what the hell I'VE been doing of late.

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