Saturday, 19 March 2011


Ssssoooooo, back in the mists of time I played guitar in a band called redrighthand. Starting around 1998, we were a bit of a mish-mash of extreme doom/drone, Melvins riffs and improv electronic hoo-hah. We played around a bit, and then in 2001 we split so I could leave the country for a year or so to study in your fine United States. Nothing was recorded of this line-up, but we made a definite emotional impact on people as audience members would frequently be driven to tears or just stunned 'what-just-happened-there??' type faces.

Fast forward to late 2002/early 2003 and the band recovened with a more streamlined line-up - just one guitar, bass, drums and vocals - once I had returned, and set about demolishing small buildings and frightening animals and women with our low-end thudding, droning, assault.
THIS time, an album was recorded - in mid 2004 - and we awaited its release eagerly..........and waited.......and waited.....

It never came. The band broke up due to lack of direction following the non-emergence of the record, our vocalist moving to Sweden, and my erratic moods and general instability.

Over the years, people asked me about the album repeatedly, and I made a LOT of copies of it for folks. Finally I figured 'FUCK IT' and asked my good friend Al at the wonderful 'At War With False Noise' label in Scotland if he wanted to put it out there, which is what has happened now.

You can buy 'they sang and chanted for hours, then the locked-in hundreds set themselves ablaze' by redrighthand here, and check out any bits and pieces of related crap i can dig up - flyers, photos, live recordings - here at my OTHER blog.

The CD is in an edition of 500, and when it's gone - or near-enough gone - I'll put the thing up online for free download.

It's been a fucking relief to get it out there after all the time, blood, sweat and tears that went into it, and I hope that people dig it. Check out a preview of the first track up above and please buy it if you want it.

Now, anyone know any drummers?

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